DOE Plasma Science CenterDOE Plasma Science Center


51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting including the New Horizons Forum and Aerospace Exposition, Grapevine, TX, January 2013
  • S. Bowman, I. V. Adamovich, and W. R. Lempert
    Atomic Oxygen Kinetics of Fuel/Air Mixtures in Repetitively Pulsed Low Temperature Nanosecond Discharges, AIAA Paper 2013-0578.

  • D. D. Burnette, A. D. Montello, I. V. Adamovich, and W.R. Lempert
    Measurements of Vibrational Energy Loading in a Diffuse Plasma Filament, AIAA Paper 2013-0434.

  • S. Lanier, S. Bowman, I.V. Adamovich, and W.R. Lempert
    Rotational Temperature Measurements by O2 CARS in a Repetitively Pulsed Low Temperature, Low Pressure Non-equilibrium Plasma, AIAA Paper 2013-0431.

  • A. Roettgen, I.V. Adamovich, and W.R. Lempert
    Measurements of N2 Vibrational Distribution Function in Pulsed Nanosecond Nonequilibrium Discharge by Spontaneous Raman Scattering, AIAA Paper 2013-0576.

Plasma-to-Plasma Workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands, January 2013
  • D.B. Graves
    Surface Microdischarges and Modeling Wound Healing (invited).

  • N. Yu. Babaeva, W. Tian, S. Norberg and M. J. Kushner
    Modeling the Interaction of Plasma with Exposed Cells and Cells under Liquids (invited)

SPIE Advanced Lithography, CA, February 2013
  • D. Metzler, F. Weilnboeck, N. Fox-Lyon, S. Engelmann, R.L. Bruce, and G.S. Oehrlein
    Ar and He Plasma Pretreatments of Model Organic Masking Materials for Performance Improvement During Plasma Pattern Transfer

Plasma Etch and Strip in Microtechnology, PESM 2013, Lueven, Belgium, March 2013
  • D. J. Economou
    Control of the Ion Energy Distribution in Plasma Processing [Invited].

  • D. B. Graves
    Control of the Ion Energy Distribution in Plasma Processing [Invited].

10th Frontiers in Low Temperaure Plasma Diagnostics, Rolduc, Kerkrade, The Netherlands, April 2013
  • J. P. Booth, N. Sirse, P. Chabert, P. Indelicato, A. Surzhykov and M. J. Kushner
    Dynamics of Cl2 Inductively Coupled Plasmas: The Role of Electronic and Vibrational Excitation [Invited]

2013 MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2013
  • E. Aydil, C. Leighton, U. Kortshagen, S. Campbell, A. Baruth, M. Manno, X. Zhang, B. S. Tosun, M. Johnson
    Plasma Synthesis of Photovoltaic Materials [Invited]

4th Workshop on Radio Frequency Discharges (WRF), Presqu'ile de Giens, France, May 2013
  • M.A. Lieberman, E. Kawamura and A.J. Lichtenberg
    Narrow Gap Electronegative Capacitive Discharges and Stochastic Heating

7th International Workshop on Microplasmas, Beijing, China, May 2013
  • N. Y. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner
    Interaction of Multiple Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Jets: He/O2 into Air

  • M. Denning, R. S. Urdhal, P. Tian and M. J. Kushner
    Optimization of VUV Output in Microwave Excited Low Pressure Microplasmas

  • W. Tian and M. J. Kushner
    Investigation of Solvation of Radicals Produced by Microplasmas in Bubbles in Water

  • Y. Zhang, M. Denning, R. S. Urdahl and M. J. Kushner
    Low-Pressure Inductively Coupled Plused Microplasmas for VUV Photon Production

Beam Plasma Workshop, Australian National University and Thredbo Village, NSW, May - June 2013
  • V. M. Donnelly
    Etching Applications and Discoveries Made Possible by Advanced Ion Energy Control [Invited]

  • I. Kaganovich
    Theory of Beam Plasma Interaction

IEEE Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference (40th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science), San Francisco, CA, June, 2013
  • N. Yu. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner
    Arrays of Atmospheric Pressure Micro-Plasma Jets: He/O2 and Ar Jets into Air

  • K. Hara and I. D. Boyd
    Analysis of Secondary Electron Emission of Dielectric Materials Using a Direct Kinetic Simulation

  • M. D. Logue, M. J. Kushner, W. Zhu, H. Shin, L. Liu, S. Sridhar, V. M. Donnelly, D. J. Economou
    Control of Electron Energy Distributions in Inductively Coupled Plasmas using Tandem Sources

  • S. A. Norberg, E. Johnsen and M. J. Kushner
    Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS) Produced by Repetitive Pulses in Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets

  • J. P. Sheehan, E. V. Barnat, B. R. Weatherford, Y. Raitses, H. Wang, D. Sydorenko and N. Hershkowitz
    Measurement of the Sheath Surrounding a Planar Electron Emitting Surface in the Afterglow of an RF Plasma

  • S.-H. Song, R. Le Picard, S. L. Girshick, U. R. Kortshagen and M. J. Kushner
    Properties of Nonthermal Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Generated in Narrow Quartz Tubes for Synthesis of Silicon Nanoparticles

  • P. Tian, S.-H. Song, M. J. Kushner and S. Macheret
    Properties of Bipolar DC-Pulsed Microplasmas at Intermediate Pressures

  • W. Tian and M. J. Kushner
    The Interaction of Atmopsheric Pressure Plasmas With Liquid Covered Tissues

  • Z. Xiong and M. J. Kushner
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas Penetrating Through a Packed Bed Reactor

  • C. S. Yip, N. Hershkowitz and G. Severn
    The Langmuir Paradox: Can the Ion Acoustic Instability at the Sheath Edge Thermalize the Ions Too?

  • B. T. Yee, J. E. Foster, B. R. Weatherford and E. V. Barnat
    Electron Energetics in a Helium Pulsed Nanosecond Discharge

  • Y. Zhang, M. J. Kushner, S. K. Nam and S. Sriraman
    Computational Investigation of Dual-Frequency Power Transfer in Capacitively Coupled Plasmas

APS Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, June 2013
  • D. J. Economou
    Control of the Ion Energy Distribution on Plasma Electrodes

Issues in Solving the Boltzmann Equation for Aerospace Applications, Providence, RI, June 2013
  • V.I.Kolobov
    Boltzmann Solver with Adaptive Mesh in Phase Space

Boswell’s Beam Plasma Workshop, June 2013, Canberra, Australia
  • Y. Raitses
    Plasma-Beam Experiment with DC-RF Magnetized Plasma Discharge [Invited]

40th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo, Finland, July 2013
  • N. Fox-Lyon, A. Knoll, G.S. Oehrlein, C. Teodorescu, V. Demidov, M. Koepke, A. Kudryavtsev, V. Godyak
    Determination of Metastable-atom Densities in Ar and Ar/H2 Plasmas

  • S.A. Gutsev, A.A. Kudryavtsev, R.Yu. Zamchiy, V.I. Demidov and V.I. Kolobov
    Diagnostics and Modeling of a Short Glow Discharge in Helium with Nonlocal Plasma (PDF)

  • I.D. Kaganovich, D. Sydorenko, A.V. Khrabrov, Y. Raitses, M. Campanell, E. Tokluoglu, E. A. Startsev, H. Wang, L. Chen, P. L. G. Ventzek, V.I. Demidov, M.E. Koepke, I. Schweigert, J.P. Sheehan, and N. Hershkowitz
    Nonlocal Kinetic Theory of Plasma Discharges (plenary) (PDF)

  • A.A. Kudryavtsev and V.I. Demidov
    2D and 3D Probe Diagnostics of Electron Distributions in Plasmas (invited) (PDF)

  • V.S.Mikhailenko, V.V.Mikhailenko, Hae June Lee, M.E. Koepke, N. A. Azarenkov
    Shearing Modes Approach in the Theory of Shear Flows Turbulence

  • A.S. Mustafaev, A.Y. Grabovskiy and V.I. Demidov
    Noncontact Diagnostics Method of Anisotropic Plasmas (PDF)

  • J. Walker, M.E. Koepke, M. Zimmerman, W. Farrell, V.I. Demidov
    Gyrophase Drift as a Signature for Comparing Non-equilibrium Charging Models

10th International Workshop on Electric Probes in Magnetized Plasmas (IWEP2013), Madrid, Spain, July, 2013
  • A.A. Kudryavtsev, S.A. Gutsev and V.I. Demidov
    Probe Measurements in Electronegative Plasmas: the Perturbative Effects of the Probe Holder (PDF)

  • A.A. Kudryavtsev, S.A. Gutsev and V.I. Demidov
    The Distorting Effect of the Ion Current on Electron Temperature Measured by an Electric Probe (PDF)

31st International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, Granada, Spain, July 2013
  • A. M. Astafiev, A. A. Kudryavtsev, V. I. Kolobov
    Self-organization of Anode Spots in Atmospheric Pressure DC Glow Discharges with Liquid Anode

  • J. P. Booth, P. Chabert, N. Sirse, P. Indelicato, A. Surzhykov and M. J. Kushner
    Optical Diagnostics of Low-Pressure Plasmas Sustained in Halogen Gases [Invited]

  • V. I. Kolobov, R. R. Arslanbekov, E. A. Bogdanov, S. Eliseev, and A. A. Kudryavtsev
    Comparison of Computational Tools for Simulations of Glow and Corona Discharges

  • W. R. Lempert
    Sub-Nanosecond Diagnostics of Nonequilibrium Nanosecond Pulsed Molecular Discharges [Invited]

  • W. Tian, S. Norberg, N. Yu. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner
    Plasma Jets and Plasmas on Liquids over Tissue

French American Workshop 2013, Grenoble, France, July 2013
  • D. B. Graves
    MD Simulations of Hydrogen Plasma Interaction with Graphene Surfaces [Invited]

21st International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Cairns, Australia, Aug. 2013
  • P. Agarwal and S. L. Girshick
    Numerical Modeling of the Spatiotemporal Behavior of an RF Argon-Silane Plasma with Dust Particle Nucleation and Growth [Invited]

  • D. Burnette, A. Roettgen, Z. Eckert, I. Shkurenkov, A. Montello, W.R. Lempert and I.V. Adamovich
    Energy Transfer and Nonequilibrium Chemical Reaction Mechanisms in Point-to-Point Nanosecond Pulse Discharges in Nitrogen and Air

  • M. J. Kushner
    Atmospheric Pressure Discharges, Summer School on Fundamentals of Low Pressure and High Pressure Plasmas [Invited].

  • M. J. Kushner
    Plasma Modeling Techniques, Summer School on Fundamentals of Low Pressure and High Pressure Plasmas [Invited].

  • R. Le Picard and S. L. Girshick
    The Effect of Charge Limits on Particle Charge Distributions in Nanodusty Plasmas

  • W. Tian, S. Norberg, N. Yu. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner
    The Interaction of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma DBDs and Jets with Liquid Covered Tissues: Fluxes of Reactants to Underlying Cells

iPlasmaNano IV, Asilomar, CA, August, 2013
  • E. S. Aydil
    Plasma Synthesis of Photovoltaic Materials [Invited, Key Note]

  • D. B. Graves
    Plasma-graphene interactions [Invited]

  • U. Kortshagen
    The Role of Plasma Synthesis in a Vision for Nanocrystal Based Optoelectronics

  • G. S. Oehrlein
    Plasma and Nanostructure Fabrication [Invited]

  • Y. Raitses and J. Ng
    Self-Organization Processes in Carbon Arc Discharge for Synthesis of Nanotubes [Invited]

19th International Vacuum Congress, Paris, Sept. 2013
  • V. Godyak
    Probe Diagnostics of rf Plasmas for Material Processing

16th International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics, Madison, Wisconsin, September, 2013
  • W. R. Lempert
    CARS and LIF Studies of Non-Equilibrium Nsec Pulsed Molecular Plasmas [Invited]

  • J. B. Schmidt, W. D. Kulatilaka, S. Roy, K. A. Frederickson, I. Shkurenkov, I. V. Adamovich, Walter R. Lempert, and J. R. Gord
    Two-Dimensional Imaging of Atomic Hydrogen in Pulsed, Non-Equilibrium Nanosecond Plasmas Using Femtosecond TALIF

66nd Gaseous Electronics Conference, Princeton NJ, Sept.- Oct.2013
  • N. Yu. Babaeva, Interactions Between Small Arrays of Atmospheric Pressure Micro-Plasma Jets” Gas Dynamics, Radiation and Electrostatic Interactions [Invited]

  • J. P. Booth, P. Chabert, B. Pruvost, M. Foucher, V. Guerra, I. Fabrikant, and M. J. Kushner, Vibrational kinetics in a Cl2 inductively-coupled plasma

  • D. Burnette, I. Shkurenkov, W.R. Lempert, and I.V. Adamovich, NO Formation and Consumption Mechanisms in a Plasma Filament

  • V. I. Demidov, Plasma Diagnostics: Wall Probe [Preconference tutorial]

  • V.I. Demidov, I.D. Kaganovich and M.E. Koepke, An Experimental Study of Secondary Electron Emission in the Limit of Low Electron Energy

  • V. Donnelly, E. Karakas, S. Kaler, Q. Lu, and D. J. Economou, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reaction Mechanisms in CH3F-O2 Inductively Coupled Plasmas

  • V. M. Donnelly, Introduction to Plasma and Surface Diagnostics, GEC Pre-Conference Tutorial. [Invited]

  • V. M. Donnelly, Plasma Surface Interactions at a Spinning Wall, GEC Pre-Conference Workshop. [Invited]

  • S. Eliseev, V.I.Kolobov, A.Kudryavtsev, Simulations of Pulsed Gas Breakdown Between Pin-to-pin Electrodes.

  • S. L. Girshick and R. Le Picard, The Effect of Single Particle Charge Limits on Particle Charge Distributions in Dusty Plasmas

  • V. Godyak, Fundamental Processes, Modeling and Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasmas [Preconference tutorial]

  • D. B. Graves, Challenges of Low Temperature Plasma-Surface Interactions [Invited Tutorial]

  • J.T. Gudmundsson and M.A. Lieberman, On the Ar+ and Xe+ Velocities Near the Presheath-sheath Boundary in an Ar/Xe Discharge

  • Ch. Jin, Y. Raitses and V. Demidov, Magnetically insulated baffled probe for measurements in complex magnetized plasma diagnostics

  • I.D. Kaganovich, E.A. Startsev, Y. Raitses, H. Wang, M.D. Campanell, A.V. Khrabrov, A.N. Andronov, A.S. Smirnov, D. Sydorenko and V.I. Demidov, Plasma-Surface Interaction in Presence of Intense Electron Emission from Walls

  • E. Kawamura, M.A. Lieberman, A.J. Lichtenberg , C. Lazzaroni, P.Chabert, PIC Simulations of Atmospheric Pressure He/N2 Capacitive RF Discharges

  • V.I. Kolobov, Kinetic Modeling of Low Temperature Plasmas using Boltzmann Equation [Preconference tutorial]

  • V.I. Kolobov, Towards Adaptive Kinetic-fluid Simulations of Low-temperature Plasmas [Invited]

  • N. J. Kramer, R. J. Anthony, M. Mamunuru, E. S. Aydil and U. R. Kortshagen, Plasma-induced Crystallization of Silicon Nanoparticles

  • M.A. Lieberman, Introduction to Gas Discharges and Plasma Processing [Preconference tutorial]

  • L. Liu, W. Zhu, S. Sridhar, V. M. Donnelly, D. J. Economou, M. Logue and M. J. Kushner, Synergistic Behavior of a Dual Tandem Plasma Source

  • A. Mustafaev, M. Ainov, I. Kaganovich and V. Demidov, Reflection of Slow Electrons from Solid Surface

  • J. Ng and Y. Raitses, Self-organized Electrode Processes in the Carbon Arc Discharge for Nanotube Synthesis

  • S. Norberg, A. Schmidt-Bleker, J. Winger, S. Reuter, E. Johnsen and M. J. Kushner, Controlling Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS) Production by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets Using Gas Shields

  • G. S. Oehrlein, Low-Temperature Plasma Surface Interactions: Atomic Layer Etching and Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Modification of Biomaterials [Invited]

  • Y. Raitses, V. Donnelly, I. Kaganovich and V. Godyak, Effect of Anomalous Electron Cross-field Transport on Electron Energy Distribution Function in a DC-RF Magnetized Plasma Discharge

  • Y. Shi, Y. Raitses and A. Diallo, Driving Azimuthal Modes in Magnetized Discharge with Segmented Anode

  • Y. Shi, A. Diallo, Y. Raitses, S. Mazouffre, Measurement of Time-Dependent Ion Velocity Distribution Function by Laser Induced Fluorescence in a Cylindrical Hall Thruster with Driven Spoke

  • I. Shkurenkov, D. Burnette, W.R. Lempert, and I.V. Adamovich, Excited States and Radicals Formation in Nanosecond Pulse Discharge and Their Evolution in Afterglow

  • S. Sridhar, W. Zhu, L. Liu, V. M. Donnelly, and D. J. Economou, Photo-Assisted Etching of Silicon in Halogen-Containing Plasmas

  • P. Tian, M. Denning, R. Urdhal and M. J. Kushner, VUV Photon Fluxes from Microwave Excited Microplasmas at Low Pressure

  • W. Tian, S. Norberg, N. Y. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner, Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas Incident onto Thin Liquid Layers

  • Z. Xiong and M. J. Kushner, A Statistical Photon Transport Model: Application to Streamer Discharges in Dry Air

  • C.-S. Yip, N. Hershkowitz and G. Severn, The Langmuir's Paradox: Can the Ion Acoustic Instability at the Sheath Edge Thermalize the Ions Too?

Workshop on Plasma Surface Interactions, 66th Gaseous Electronic Conference, Princeton, NJ, October 2012
  • W. Tian, S. Norberg, N. Y. Babaeva and M. J. Kushner, Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas Incident onto Thin Liquid Layers [Invited]

33rd International Electric Propulsion Conference, Washington D.C., October 2013
  • K. Hara and I. D. Boyd, Low Frequency Oscillation Analysis of a Hall Thruster Using a One-Dimensional Hybrid-Direct Kinetic Simulation, paper IEPC-2013-266

  • J. P. Sheehan, Y. Raitses and N. Hershkowitz, Accurately Determining the Plasma Potential Using Emissive Probes

  • A. A. Hubble, J. E. Foster, E. V. Barnat and B. R. Weatherford, Laser-Collisional Induced Fluorescence Study of Electron Distributions in a Magnetic Cusp, paper IEPC-2013-367

AVS 60th International Symposium and Exhibition, Long Beach, CA, USA, October-November, 2013
  • E. A. J. Bartis, C. Hart, H.-W. Chang, D. B. Graves, D. Burnette, I.V. Adamovich, W. R. Lempert, J. Seog, G. S. Oehrlein, Deactivation of Lipopolysaccharide by an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

  • N. A. Fox-Lyon, A. J. Knoll, J. Franek, V. Demidov, M. Koepke, G. S. Oehrlein, H2/D2/Ar Plasmas Interacting with Carbon-based Films: Plasma Distribution Functions, Etching and Applications

  • N. A. Fox-Lyon, D. Metzler, A. J Knoll, T. Lii, D. Farber, G.S. Oehrlein, Sidewall Polymer Deposition for Achieving Near 1:1 x:y Critical Dimension Shrinkage

  • E. Karakas, V. Donnelly and D. Economou, Optical Emission and Langmuir Probe Diagnostics of CH3F/O2 Inductively Coupled Plasmas

  • M. J. Kushner, The Virtual World of Modeling Plasma Processes [Invited]

  • M. A. Lieberman, The Emergence of Plasma Processing [Invited]

  • M. D. Logue, W. Zhu, H. Shin, L. Liu, S. Sridhar, V. M. Donnelly, D. J. Economou, and M. J. Kushner, Control of Energy Distributions in Inductively Coupled Plasmas Using Tandem Power Sources

  • D. Metzler, G. S. Oehrlein, S. U. Engelmann, R. L. Bruce, E. A. Joseph, Examination of Atomistic Etching Control of SiO2-Si-SiO2 multi-layers stacks using cyclic Ar/C4F8 plasma

  • S-H. Song and M. J. Kushner, Control of SiO2 Etch Properties by Pulsed Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Sustained in Ar/CF4/O2

  • Y. Zhang and M. J. Kushner, Ion Energy-Angular Distributions in Dual Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas Using Phase Control

  • W. Zhu, L. Liu, S. Sridhar, V. M. Donnelly and D. J. Economou, Investigation of Photo-Assisted Etching in Different Halogen-Containing Plasmas and Synergistic Effects of a Tandem Plasma System

APS Division of Plasma Physics Meeting, Denver, CA, November 2013
  • D.B. Graves, Low Temperature Plasma Biomedicine

  • N. Moore, W. Gekelman, P. Prybil, Y. Zhang and M. J. Kushner, Ion Velocity Distribution Function and Electric Field Measurements in a Dual-frequency rf Sheath

Fundamentals of Plasma Surface Interactions Workshop, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, November 2013
  • M. J. Kushner, Plasma Surface Interactions at Inorganic, Liquid and Organic (Living) Surfaces: Differences and Similarities [Invited]

66th Annual Meeting of APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 24–26, 2013, Pittsburg, PA
  • I. V. Adamovich, Challenges in Kinetic Modeling of Energy Transfer Processes and Plasma Chemistry in nsec Pulse Discharges [Invited]

8th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Plasma Technology, Taipei, Taiwan, Dec. 2013
  • D. B. Graves, Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas in Air Interacting with Biomolecules and Cells