DOE Plasma Science CenterDOE Plasma Science Center


20th Anniversary Workshop for the NSF/DOE Partnership in Basic Plasma Science and Engineering, January 2017, NSF Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • M. J. Kushner
    Contributions of Basic Plasma Physics to Technology Development Enabled by Modeling [Invited]

55th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (SciTech 2017), January 2017, Grapevine, TX
  • I. V. Adamovich, S. B. Leonov, K. Frederickson, J. G. Zheng, Y. D. Cui, and B. C. Khoo
    Thermal Perturbations Generated by Near-surface Electric Discharges and Mechanisms of Their Interaction with the Airflow

NCCAVS Joint Users Group Technical Symposium, Feb. 23 2017, San Jose, CA

ISPlasma2017/IC-PLANTS2017, March 1-5, 2017, Aichi, Japan
  • P. J. Bruggeman
    Plasma-liquid Interactions: Fundamentals and Applications [Invited]

King Abdulla University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Research Conference: New Combustion Concepts, March 6-8, 2017, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • I. V. Adamovich
    Energy Conversion in Transient Molecular Plasmas: Implications for Plasma Assisted Combustion [Invited]

International Conference on Plasmas with Liquids (ICPL 2017), March 5-9, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
  • M. C. Garcia, Y. Kovach and J. E. Foster
    Optical Emission Spectroscopy Investigation of a Plasma over Anode Water Resulting in Organization Patterns on the Surface

  • J. Kruszelnicki, A. M. Lietz and M. J. Kushner
    Interaction Between Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas and Liquid Micro-Droplets [Invited]

FPPT-8, 3-7 April 2017, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso, Chile
  • D. B. Graves
    Advanced Control of Plasma Medical Devices [Invited]

16th International Workshop on Magneto-Plasma Aerodynamics, April 2017, Moscow, Russia
  • N. Yu. Babaeva, G. V. Naidis and M. J. Kushner
    Simulation of Streamer Interaction with Bubbles on Liquid Surface

Colloquium Plasma-Quebec, May 17-18 2017, Montreal, Canada

2017 Renewable Energy and Efficiency Workshop, May 21-23, Louisville, KY
  • D. B. Graves
    Air Plasma to Improve Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency [Plenary]

44th International Conference on Plasma Science, May 21-25, 2017, Atlantic City, NJ
  • E. Barnat, A. Fierro, and M. Hopkins
    Development of Laser-Collision Induced Fluorescence for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Generated in Helium Atmospheres

  • K. W. Engeling and J. E. Foster
    Effects of Plasma Treatment on the Germination and Develop of Soybeans

  • K. W. Engeling, J. Kruszelnicki, M. J. Kushner and J. E. Foster
    Micro-Discharge Evolution in a 2-Dimensional Packed Bed Reactor [Best Student Paper Award]

  • Y. Fu, G. M. Parsey, J. Krek, J. P. Verboncoeur, A. J. Christlieb and X. Wang
    Investigation of the Similarity Law in Gas Discharge at High Pressure Using a Kinetic Global Model

  • S. Gershman, Y. Raitses
    Microplasma Source of High Energy Electrons

  • J. R. Groele and J. E. Foster
    Plasma Liquid Interaction for Treatment of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater

  • S. Huang, C. Huard, M. J. Kushner, S. Shim, S-H. Lee, I-C. Song and S. Lu
    Contact Edge Roughness in the Etching of High Aspect Raio Contacts in SiO2

  • I. D. Kaganovich, E. K. Tokluoglu, J. A. Carlsson, K. Hara and A. Powis
    Amplification Due to the Two-stream Instability of Self-electric and Magnetic Fields of an Ion or Electron Beam Propagating in Background Plasma [Invited]

  • A. V. Khrabrov, L. Xu, I. D. Kaganovich and T. J. Sommerer
    Paschen Curve for Helium in 100-1000 Kv Range [Invited]

  • J. Krek, G. M. Parsey, J. P. Verboncoeur
    Boltzmann Equation Solver Coupled to a Kinetic Global Model Framework

  • J. C. Lai and J. E. Foster
    Removal of Microcystin lr via Advanced Oxidation Processes Using a Bubbling Plasma Jet

  • J. C. Lai and J. E. Foster
    Simultaneous Particle Image Velocimetry Schlieren Photography of Fluid Flow in Liquid Induced by Plasma Driven Interfacial Forces

  • A. Mustafaev, O. Murillio, V. Soukhomlinov and I. Kaganovich
    What Is Effective Area of the Flat Probe During Measurements?

  • G. M. Parsey, J. Verboncoeur, A. Christlieb
    Uncertainty Quantification in Global Modeling of Plasma Assisted Combustion

  • V. Soukhomlinov, A. Mustafaev, A. Strahova and I. D. Kaganovich
    Improvement in the Flat Probe Diagnostics for Arbitrary Degree of Anisotropy

  • D. Sydorenko and I. D. Kaganovich
    The Two-stream Instability in a Finite Length Plasma

231st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, May 28-June 1, 2017, New Orleans, LA
  • G. S. Oehrlein
    Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2 and Other Materials Using Plasma Process Sequences [Invited]

International Conference on Physics of Low Temperature Plasma, June 5-9, 2017, Kazan, Russia
  • P. Bruggeman
    Plasma Water Vapor Kinetics and Plasma-liquid Interactions [Plenary]

Air Force Computational Plasma Workshop, June 16, 2017, College Park, MD
  • J. P. Verboncoeur
    Rapid Modeling of Kinetic Reactive Plasma Dynamics Using the Kinetic Global Model Framework [Invited]

  • J. P. Verboncoeur
    Dynamics in Strongly Driven High Pressure Reactive Plasmas [Invited]

21st International Colloquium on Plasma Processes (CIP 2017), June 26-30, 2017, Nice, France
  • P. Luan, L. Bastarrachea, R. Tikekar, P. J. Bruggeman and G. S. Oehrlein
    Microbial Inactivation of Raw Produce by Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma (CAP) sources: Correlation of Bacterial Disinfection to Etching and Surface Modifications [Invited]

  • P. Luan, A. J. Knoll, V. S. S. K. Kondeti, P. J. Bruggeman and G. S. Oehrlein
    Interaction of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma with Polymers and Biomolecules [Invited]

IPlasmaNano, July 2-6, 2017, Antwerp, Belgium
  • P. Bruggeman
    Challenges in Controlling Plasma Processes in the Plasma/Nanofield: a Personal Perspective [Invited]

  • V. S. S. K. Kondeti, U. Gangal and P. Bruggeman
    Silver Nanoparticles Synthesis at the Plasma-liquid Interface: Mechanistic Insights Through Modeling the Plasma-liquid Interface

33th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, July 9-14, 2017, Estoril, Portugal
  • I. V. Adamovich
    Electric Field Measurements in Surface Discharges in Atmospheric Air over Solid and Liquid Dielectrics [Invited]

  • Y. Kovach, M. C. Garcia and J. E. Foster
    Understanding the Nature of the Near-anode Plasma Conditions in Dc Atmospheric Pressure Glows and the Role That It May Play in Plasma Self Organization

Atomic Layer Deposition/Atomic Layer Etching Workshop, July 15-18, 2017, Denver, CO
  • C. M. Huard, Y. Zhang, S. Sriraman, A. Paterson and M. J. Kushner
    Determining the Benefits and Limitations of Atomic Layer Etching: A Modeling Investigation [Invited]

18th Chinese National Conference on Plasmas Science and Technology, July 26-29, 2017, Xi’an City, China

23rd International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, July 30-Aug. 4, 2017, Montreal, Canada
  • M. J. Kushner
    The Quest for Selectivity in Plasma Chemsitry [Plenary]

  • A. M. Lietz and M. J. Kushner
    Mechanisms of Induced Turbulence in Atmsopheric Pressure Plasma Jets [Best Student Presentation Award]

  • J. Kruszelnicki, K. W. Engeling, J. E. Foster and M. J. Kushner
    Plasma-surface Interactions in Packed Bed Reactors Having Metal-catalyst Impregnated Dielectric Beads

  • S. J. Lanham and M. J. Kushner
    Non-idealities in Pulsed Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactors

  • X. Damany, A. Lietz, J-M. Pouvesle, M. Kushner and E. Robert
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Multi-jet Dynamics

  • M. Mamunuru, R. Le Picard, Y. Sakiyama and S. L. Girshick
    Generation of Neutral and Positively-Charged Nanoparticles in Nonthermal Plasmas

  • T. Ono, S. Ganguly, E. S. Aydil and U. Kortshagen
    Plasma Diagnostics and Modeling of Lithium-Containing Plasmas

  • V. S. S. K. Kondeti, U. Gangal and P. J. Bruggeman
    The Mechanism of Reduction of Ag+ and Formation of Nanoparticles by a DC Driven Pulsed Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

  • V. S. S. K. Kondeti, P. Luan, Y. Luo, G. S. Oehrlein and P. J. Bruggeman
    Absolute OH Density Measurements in an RF Driven Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet with a Substrate Below by Laser Induced Fluorescence

  • V. S. S. K. Kondeti, C. Phan, K. Wende, H. Jablonowski, U. Gangal, J. Granick, R. C. Hunter and P. J. Bruggeman
    The Inactivation Mechanism of Planktonic Bacteria in Buffered and Non-buffered Solutions by an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet

  • G. Nayak, H. Aboubakr, S. Goyal and P. J. Bruggeman
    Inactivation of Feline Calicivirus (FCV) by 2D Array of Micro-discharges in Air on Metal Surface and in Solution

Latin America Workshop on Plasma Physics, 4-8 September 2017, Mexico City, Mexico
  • J. P. Verboncoeur, M. P. Aldan, J. Booske, R. Gilgenbach, Y. Y. Lau, A. Neuber, J. Scharer, R. Temkin
    High-voltage Breakdown: From Surface Multipactor to Ionization Discharge [Invited]

232nd Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Oct. 2017, National Harbor, MD
  • G. S. Oehrlein
    Materials Selectivity in Atomic Layer Etching of SiO2, Si, and Si3N4 Using Plasma Process Sequences [Invited]

64th International Symposium of the American Vacuum Society, October 30–November 3, 2017, Tampa Bay, FL
  • E. V. Barnat
    Development and Application of Laser-Collision Induced Fluorescence for Studying Dynamic and Structured Plasmas [Invited]

  • Y.-M. Chen, R. Sawadichai, V. M. Donnelly and D. J. Economou
    Self-neutralized, Ion Beam by Pulsed Plasma with Synchronous Afterglow Bias

  • V. M. Donnelly
    The Reaction of Fluorine Atoms with Silicon: Controversies 38 Years in the Making [Invited]

  • D. B. Graves
    Harold Winters and Plasma-Surface Interactions [Invited]

  • C. Huard, Y. Zhang, S. Sriraman, A. Paterson and M. J. Kushner
    Effect of Non-Uniform Polymer Deposition on the Atomic Layer Etching of 3D Features in SiO2

  • S. Huang, V. Volynets, S. Lee, S-K. Nam, S. Lu and M. J. Kushner
    Selective Radical Production in Remote Plasma Sources

  • S. J. Lanham and M. J. Kushner
    Investigating Mode Transitions in Pulsed Inductively Coupled Plasmas

  • S. Kaler, Q. Lou, V. M. Donnelly and D. J. Economou
    Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide Using Alternating C4F8 and Energetic Ar+ Plasma Beams

  • M. J. Kushner
    Translating Fundamental Science to Technology Development in Plasma Assited Materials Processing [Invited]

  • G. S. Oehrlein
    Understanding and Controlling Low Temperature Plasma Surface Interactions: Examples of the Influence of Harold Winters [Invited]

  • A. Pranda, Z. Tomova, S. A. Gutierrez Razo, J. T. Fourkas, G. S. Oehrlein
    The Role of Plasma Species and Sample Composition on Dense Amorphous Carbon Layer Formation and Polymer Etching Behavior

14th International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2017), November 1-3, 2017, Sendai, Japan
  • I. V. Adamovich
    Electric Field Measurements in Nanosecond Pulse Discharges in Air and in Hydrogen Flame [Invited]

  • P. Bruggeman
    Plasma-liquid Interactions: Multiphase Transport [Invited]

70th Gaseous Electronics Conference, November 2017, Pittsburgh, PA
  • I. V. Adamovich
    Electric Field Measurements in Nanosecond Pulse Discharges in Air over Solid and Liquid Dielectric Surfaces [Invited]

  • E. Barnat and A. Fierro
    Ultrafast Laser Diagnostics to Interrogate High Pressure, Highly Collisional Plasma Environments

  • E. V. Barnat, B. Scheiner, S. D. Baalrud, B.T. Yee and M. M. Hopkins
    Experimental Observations on the Characteristics of an Anode Spot Onset

  • V. M. Donnelly, T. Nguyen and D. J. Economou
    Optical Emission Diagnostics of a Non-equilibrium Helium Plasma Jet at 1 atm in Ambient Air

  • K. W. Engeling, J. Foster, J. Kruszelnicki and M. J. Kushner
    An Investigation of the Effect of Pressure Variations on Micro-Discharge Formation and Propagation in a 2-D Packed Bed Reactor

  • J. E. Foster
    Understanding the Plasma-Liquid Interface: Progress and Challenges

  • Y. Fu, P. Zhang, J. P. Verboncoeur and A. J. Christlieb
    Effect of Surface Protrusion on Plasma Sheath Properties in DC Microdischarges

  • S. Gershman and Y. Raitses
    Variations in Plasma Parameters in the Plume of a DC Plasma Source Near a Substrate

  • M. M Hopkins, B. T. Yee, S. D. Baalrud, B. S. Scheiner and E. V. Barnat
    Locking the Plasma Potential with an Anodic Surface

  • E. Kawamura, M. A. Lieberman and A. J. Lichtenberg
    Striations due to Kinetic Instability in Water Containing Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas

  • A. J. Knoll, P. Luan, A. Pranda, R. L. Bruce, G. S. Oehrlein
    Comparison of Polymer Etching Mechanisms by Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP) Sources Under Well-Defined Conditions

  • Y. Kovach, M. Garcia and J. Foster
    Self-organization and Electrolyte Ion Mass Transport Processes with Chemistry in 1 ATM DC Glows

  • J. Kruszelnicki, A. M. Lietz and M. J. Kushner
    Interactions Between Water Droplets and Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas

  • A. M. Lietz, X. Damany, J-M. Pouvesle, E. Robert and M. J. Kushner
    Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Multi-Jets: Fundamental Properties

  • S. A. Norberg, G. Parsey, S. Daudlin, A. M. Lietz, E. Johnsen and M. J. Kushner
    Multi-Pulse Operation of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet onto a Reactive Liquid Layer

  • M. J. Kushner
    NSF Low Temperature Plasma Workshop on Sustainabiilty: Process, Findings, Path Forward

  • J. Lai and J. E. Foster
    Chemical Reactions Induced by Plasma in Contact with the Solution Containing Halide Ions: Importance of Ion Distribution at Gas-liquid Interface for Plasma-liquid Interaction

  • M. A. Lieberman, E. Kawamura, A. J. Lichtenberg and De-Qi Wen
    Nonlinear Electromagnetics Model of an Asymmetrically Driven Capacitive Discharge

  • P. Luan, V. S. Santosh K. Kondeti, A. J. Knoll, P. J. Bruggeman and G. S. Oehrlein
    Plasma-Surface Interactions at Atmospheric Pressure: Polystyrene Etching and Surface Modification by a Plasma Jet

  • Y. Luo, A. Lietz, M. Kushner and P. Bruggeman
    Chemical Kinetics Mechanisms Study of High Electron Density Argon-water Filamentary Discharges

  • C. Qu, P. Tian, S. Huang and M. J. Kushner
    Customizing Capacitively Coupled Plasma Properties with Triple-Frequency Power Sources

  • Y. Raitses and S. Gershman
    Generation of Energetic Electrons in a Plasma Source at Fore-vacuum Pressures

  • B. S. Scheiner, E. V. Barnat, M. M Hopkins, S. D. Baalrud and B. T. Yee
    Anode Spot Formation in Low Pressure and Temperature He Plasma

  • L. Xu, A. V. Khrabrov, I. D. Kaganovich and T. J. Sommerer
    Analytical Model of Cold-cathode Breakdown in Helium at Extremely High Electric Field and Low Pressure

  • W. Yang, H. Li, F. Gao, A. Khrabrov, I. Kaganovich and Y.-N. Wang
    Effects of Electron Energy Probability Function on the Negative Ion Production in Low Pressure Inductively Coupled Hydrogen Plasmas

  • B. T. Yee, B. S. Scheiner, S. D. Baalrud, E. V. Barnat and M. M Hopkins
    Properties of the Electron Sheath in Low Temperature Plasmas

39th International Symposium on Dry Process, Nov. 16-17, 2017, Tokyo, Japan
  • D. B. Graves
    Plasma-surface Interactions: Challenges that Span Applications [Invited]

  • S. Huang, C. Huard, P. Tian, C. Qu, S. Lanham, G. Parsey, S. Mohades and M. J. Kushner
    High and Moderate Aspect Ratio Etching: Insights from Modeling [Invited]

10th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing, December 4-7, 2017, Bankoku Shinryokan, Okinawa, Japan
  • P. Bruggeman
    Towards an Understanding of Plasma-liquid Interactions in Plasma Medicine [Invited]

  • D. B. Graves
    Air Plasma to Improve Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency [Invited]

  • M. J. Kushner
    From the Plasma to the Surface: Connecting Plasma Kinetics to Atomic Layer Processing [Invited]

Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technologies in Medicine and Agriculture, Dec.11-12, 2017, Adelaide, Australia
  • D. B. Graves
    Mechanisms of Plasma Medicine [Invited]

  • D. B. Graves
    Models of Plasma-Liquid Interactions and Air Plasma for Improved Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency in Agriculture [Invited]

10th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Plasma Technology, December 15-17, 2017, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • P. Bruggeman
    Low Temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: an Enabling Technology for New Applications [Plenary]